Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The main rules of a fashion-conscious woman.

A woman is unpredictable. Today she wants to be a society lioness, tomorrow she will want to be a country-girl or maybe a "bluestocking", in modern meaning of this word. There is a gooв news for women of fashion: winter 2009 tendencies let you be as different as you can amagine.

You should buy immediately:

Lacy panty hose, that is шт fashion again this season. Patterns can be various from simple netting to intricate floral ornament.

Bring back to wardrobe:
Leopard print clothing. It is a fashion trend that has steadily grown this fall, and will continue to be prominent through the winter and spring 2009. One way that the animal print trend is developing is that it now includes other animal skins, for example, cheetah, zebra, jaguar, ocelot, cow, giraffe or tiger.

Pay attention to:

Combination of red and blue colors and chequered clothes. English style is extremely fashionable this season. Checkered coats, handbags and scarf are the hit of this season.

Look for inspiration in:

Men's accessories. Put on an ascot without doubts. You will look very sexy wearing suspenders cuff links, studs and hat in man style.