Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ink is the New Black!?

We’ve all heard the expresssion “Chanel is in my blood” but were we ready for it to be on our skin?  The newest innovation from the house of Chanel is temporary tattoos as seen in their catwalk shows as well as stars such as Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe. 
Sarah Jessica Parker even teamed some with her gorgeous Oscars outfit!

I think they are an interesting concept and are definitely set to be the must have "accessory" for Summer 2010.
If you want to follow the tattoo trend this summer but can’t wait for the Chanel
waiting list to go down or you can’t afford the £49 price tag then I have the answer! 

Inkwear provides fashionable temporary tattoo jewellery in a vibrant range of colours,
designs and sizes. Their tattoos are designed to give the us choice and fun when
customising our look! 

You can colour match the different designs and link different tattoos
creatively to give your tat a unique edge while being right on-trend.

Inkwear’s stylish range includes intricate necklaces, wrist chains and eye-catching
original tattoo collections. The transfers range in price from as little as £2 to £3 for individual tattoos and from £6.99 for sets.

There is a massive choice of over 500 designs available from  and all products are non-toxic, skin safe and FDA approved (phew).

Love Claire x

The Ultimate Teen Fashion Trends

The Ultimate Teen Fashion Trends

Fashion designer attempt to predict the 2010 teen fashion trends, we will examine the different factors that most impact teenagers fashion. A fascinating aspect of adolescence is the impact that starts can have on teen fashion. While she may be poison now, there was a time where Britney Spears was the ultimate teen fashion idol. One look at britney spears: her fashion on teens is certainly impressive. The current dominance of emo fashion in the teen fashion boy market also illustrates how influential pop culture is on teen fashion.

Teen Fashion Trends

Teen Fashion Clothes

Ultimate Fashion Clothes

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Internet + Outlet x Designer Labels - £1 =?

No you're not back in maths class (thank God!). In fact, there's not really any maths involved in this, apart from adding up how MUCH money you will save and how GOOD you will look!

And it'll all be thanks to the Net-A-Porter online designer outlet,
Already into it's first year, The Out Net is basically hand-me-down stock from a season or-or-two ago from Net-A-Porter. And as SO many designers have been creating an emphasis on "Investment Pieces" the past few years then I have no complaints about this what so ever.

Still on trend for Spring/Summer 2010

Each month the site hosts time-limited pop-up sales (themed designer sales that will be available for a limited time), giveaways and "going, going, gone" sales (for any fashionista to snap up a designer label at an irresistible price - watch the price drop as the clock ticks but hurry or you may lose it), that will definately give us a "GOTTA HAVE IT NOWWWWW..." kind of buzz. 

Next month is the most interesting in my mind however. When you visit the site (coz I know you will) click on this image...

... and register your details by 11th April to get yourself an invitation to the sale of a LIFETIME.
On April 16th everything in this sale is £1!
And with that I don't think I need to say any more :)
Love Claire x

Just because I love a good sale...

And this is a good one! ASOS have just gone into sale with many things with more than 50% off.
This jacket is one of my favourite things from the sale and is perfect as a spring jacket while it's still a bit nippy!
And from £55 down to £26, I can't resist!!
Also, ASOS offer free delivery when you spend over £75! 
That's £75's worth of bargains if you ask me!!
Click this link to go straight to the sale, no stopping...

Happy bargain hunting,
Love Claire x

Monday, April 5, 2010

Have New Look Gone Dotty?!

Hi hons, 
So I was in New Look the other day and firstly I saw these gorgeous spotty trousers. The reason they caught my eye, apart from being GORGEOUS, is the fact that they are dead-ringers for these Luella ones as seen in the Spring/Summer 2010 show (except mine were only £30).

They would look great in summer with a boob tube and wedges or on holiday with flip flops and a bikini top...
Well I had to buy then instantly of course!

But when i was at the counter waiting to pay I was flicking through New Look's 'Most Wanted' magazine- it's free- and there was a 20% off voucher on the back page.
If you are a sucker for a catwalk copy AND/OR a discount I suggest you run to your nearest New Look and grab yourself a copy of the magazine (it's got Taylor Momsen on the front).

The voucher is valid all this week until Sunday 11th April.
Although it isn't valid on Giles, Limited Edition and IDOL collections or on permanently reduced items there is still plenty of fabulous stuff to choose from in New Look.
Love Claire. X