Saturday, April 14, 2012

Popular Wedding Ring Designs

The diamond wedding ring symbolizes the eternal love between the engaged. The popularity of diamond wedding rings and their designs have led to a variety of cut and style options to fit your needs. Modern diamond cuts and his and her bands and settings are designed to match the uniqueness of your relationship, and the uniqueness of your love.
Why Diamonds And Wedding Rings Are The Perfect Match

Traditionally wedding bands and engagement rings did not usually contain a diamond. So how did it become so overwhelmingly popular today? The answer lies in the beauty and significance of a diamond. Much like your choice of metal for your wedding band sets, gold, platinum, white gold, which are durable, beautiful, and valuable. The diamond comes to symbolize the long lasting love you are building, a love that also is durable, beautiful and valuable. Your diamond ring set is an eternal symbol for your very love.
There are various diamonds and diamond cuts available that are popular for use with engagement rings. There are princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, round cuts, marquise diamonds, pear, oval and standard radiant cuts. Each have their place and significance, and your decision should be based on what creates the brilliance and beauty that fits your engagement ring set purpose.
Diamond and Wedding Band Color

You have a selection of colors to choose from with your wedding bands, as well as your diamond. Wedding bands are most traditionally gold, white gold or platinum. Less known is that there are variations of color in your gold depending on your gold's karat. Karat is an indicator of how much alloy is contained in your gold, affecting the strength of your wedding bands as well as the color. 14k is the most popular gold in that it provides a good compromise between strength, color, purity and value.

When choosing a custom wedding ring design, you also have the option of diamond color. Color is a determinant of diamond value and more information should be sought to make the right diamond choice.
Wedding Ring Setting Designs

Men's wedding rings continue to have a more understated style. Diamonds can be embezzled along the band to add additional brilliance, and there are also popular modern designs that feature more advanced cuts and band variations. When you go into the wedding band design process and work with a quality custom jeweler almost anything is possible. They can design wedding ring sets limited only by their creativity.
Women's wedding rings traditionally are made of gold or platinum bands and feature a singular diamond. The featured diamond is the symbol of love and eternity for your relationship and should be chosen with care. Diamonds can be embezzled along the band to accentuate the brilliance of the featured diamond or other custom changes can be made. Choosing a popular wedding ring set is much about your style your diamond wedding ring, like your love, should stand the test of time.

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