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Art Deco engagement rings
When it comes time to shop for that perfect engagement ring to offer you and your wallet should be relaxed. For this you need to be aware of all considerations to keep in mind

Choosing an engagement ring is sometimes difficult step. For this ring should not be like others, by diamond store online offers you the possibility to design even the ring of your dreams. Customization necessary because the engagement is a unique moment of life. White gold, yellow gold, pink gold, diamond shape, the engagement ring is fashioned in front of you according to your desires. Purity, carat, and color of the diamond are selectable.
Buying an engagement ring is a major purchase, and before you buy, you should consider all your options and make sure you get the perfect ring. A unique option you might consider an antique Art Deco engagement ring. The Art Deco period, between 1925-1939 turned out some of the finest creations of architecture, decoration, furniture, cars and so engagement rings,. Take a look at what makes antique Art Deco engagement rings unique and why choose one for your future wife may be the right option for you.
Art Deco engagement rings

The Art Deco movement was characterized by the use of geometric shapes, symmetry and strong colors and contrast. Examples of Art Deco in architecture include the Chrysler Building in New York and Radio City Music Hall. Like the buildings, Art Deco engagement rings often include drawings stacked with a series of small stones surrounding a larger center stone. The stones are usually slaughtered in strong geometric shapes and are designed with symmetry in mind.

Another feature of Art Deco is a strong color contrast. While some Art Deco engagement rings are made with yellow or white gold, one of metal's most popular day for platinum rings has been. The bright white platinum contrasted sharply with the stones and helped create the characteristic of Art Deco style.

A complex watermark is another commonly in antique Art Deco engagement ring style. Complex models of the filigree work are usually combined with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies to create elegant and sophisticated designs. Often, filigree work of these rings is so detailed and complex that rings are miniature pieces of art in itself.

Most of the Art Deco engagement rings are larger than the standard engagement ring today because they have several stones or filigree. Although you can find rings reproduction, you can opt to go with an antique ring true. Often, the craftsmanship and quality of the elderly is higher than modern rings ring. In addition, if you spend some time shopping around, you can usually find great deals on antique Art Deco rings meaning you can often get more ring for your money.

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